We Specialise in Training – Master Trainers

We begin by training a 1st Tier Cadre of Master Trainers who will assist with the further training and development of  the 2nd tier of trainers who will be eventually tasked to disseminate the training throughout the larger body of personnel.

Through our training system Master Trainers will learn what it takes to get 100% from Police dog regardless of their application. We will teach them how to identify a dogs “Optimal Functional Zone” ® and how to keep a dog in that zone; maximising his energy and endurance ensuring full expression and powerful controlled behaviour during his operational deployment. We will also train the 1st Tier of Master Trainers to fully understand the process of moving from the current body of standards and practices to best-practice training-models in a broad range of areas including:

  • The relationship between grip and genetics.
  • Animal learning and how to teach them
  • Can grip be improved and how?
  • How do you read the subtle changed in behaviour
  • Successfully rearing and developing your dog for Police work
  • Is there a differences in their early development based on their application
  • What are the differences in their ongoing development
  • Reading dogs in absolute detail including subtle changes in behaviour.
  • Promoting, balancing drives whilst maintaining clarity.
  • Suspicion, reaction, and avoidance zones, why do decoys have so many problems
  • Grip introduction and development and what it really means to a dog.
  • Creating the correct association in the grip.
  • Drive channelling – Before, during, and after the grip.
  • Developing Control and attention during high drive training.
  • Expert Handler Skills.
  • Letting go: Outs – Substitution, Self-outs and or Compulsion or is there another way?
  • Suit Work – For Real Time Application with all the myths dispelled.
  • Muzzle Work – How? Why and Why Not!
  • Loading, peaking and capping the dog.
  • Problem Solving in all areas.
  • Animal Husbandary
  • Heath and Nutrition
  • Clicker Training – Dolphin Training Concept
  • Absolute obedience on cue for perfect control
  • Achieve greater accuracy in your tracking offenders?
  • Increase scent commitment?