Von Forell Uniqe

                              Kuran v Tiekerhool IMP Holland

                   Von Forell Borg
                              Von Forell Rena (A.I)
          Von Forell Siru
                              Asa v Haus Gebets IMP USA DDR
                   Vonhargadain Bali

                              Gina v wimbachtal Sch 2 IMP BEL

Von Forell Uniqe   (6/1/2005)

                              Dares Z Geradonu Sch 3 IPO 3 IMP USA CZ
                   Agassi v Schwarzhund IMP NZ
                              Von Forell Abra (IID)
          Von Forell Flori
                              Hassan v Gruntal Sch 1 IMP Sth Africa DDR
                   Von Forell Matra

                              Von Forell Derby

Von Forell Uniqe is by far her mother in character . She has beautiful pigment, very balanced and intense drives. Uniqe is the mother of our Natan V Busecher Schloss puppies born on the 28th of October 2010. She is pictured here at 14 weeks old.