Von Forell Kennels Hosts Fun Day For The “Dobermann Club”

A very big thank you to Von Forell Kennels for hosting our fun day at their lovely Kinglake West property that was thankfully saved from the devastation of the black Saturday fires. From the opening of the day to its closure, the title of the program ‘The Complete Dobermann’ was very appropriate.

The group that were drawn together as one under that title, discussed , opened up topics and tossed around issues and possible solutions to a great many subjects that affect our breed. As you would imagine, with a varied and diverse group of people, who are very passionate about our breed, there were different approaches to the same problems with sometimes similar and sometimes quite different outcomes.

Others are based on competitions alone and some are based on experience drawn from international exposure.

Also, other concepts outside our breed, however all are still relevant. We worked through different concepts, as thorough as issues surrounding breeding lines, environment and training. Breed Standard and Conformation as much a part of the discussion.

We discussed the threats that Government legislation has brought to the table, the planning, breeding and education programs that will enable the Dobermann Club to work together as one for the good of the breed and their members.

We discussed the markers by which success has been measured in following lines for breeding and schools of thought on training that have proven to be successful and also those whose outcomes have not been as hoped and the lessons learnt. We talked about what drives us as breeders, what we are looking for and the answers that we were arriving at were the same concept, “an uncomplicated dog”.

We discussed how this has been achieved in great dogs and how we can continue to breed and produce such great ambassadors of the breed. We broke for lunch which was a lovely combination of BBQ meat and salads prepared by the Club and enjoyed by all.

The latter part of the day was spent in a ‘hands on’ demonstration and discussion session on conformation,obedience and temperament, keeping it simple, clear and uncomplicated for us to achieve our aim of

‘The Total Dobermann’.

Deb Armstrong – Victorian Dobermann Club