Von Forell K9 Education, Decoy Protection Dog Workshop by James Craig Police Public Order Response

My name is James CRAIG and I am a police officer currently working within the Public Order Response Team.

On the 9th, 10th and 11th of April 2010 I participated in the Von Forell K9 Education, Decoy, Helper, Protection Dog Workshop Instructed by the Managing Director of Von Forell Kennel, Australia.

The workshop was structured in such a way that it gave all participants a precise insight into the functions of the decoy, helper, and protection dog. The advanced depth of information contained within the workshop was found to be both up to date as well as being presented in a clear and logical manner making the education process for all participants a satisfying learning experience.

The Von Forell K9 Education, Decoy, Helper, Protection Dog Workshop was presented at Von Forell Kennel, K9 Education and Training facility which was found to be first class and catered for all participants individual and educational requirements.

I would recommend any organisation or individual wanting to expand there own knowledge and capabilities to consider the Von Forell K9 Education Program.