Von Forell Aero

                              Aso vom Joufne Keyleff Sch 3

                   Kuran v Tiekerhook IPO 1 Imp Holland
                              Birke v Tiekerhook Sch 3
          Von Forell Vocho
                              Gento v Haus Larwin IPO 1 KNPV
                   Von Forell Pamela (A.I)

                              Buennen Katrina

Von Forell Aero  

                              Candy v d Knappenmuhle SchH 3 (DDR)
                   Asa v Haus Gebets Imp USA (DDR)
                              Kanzi Schutzengel USA – (DDR)
          Von Hargadain Bali (Australia)
                              Quatro v Haus Antverpa SchH 3, IPO 3, FH Blg
                   Gina vom Wimbachtal SchH 2

                              Franzy v Gruntal BLG (DDR)

Von Forell Aero is an extremely large driven male with active aggression and excellent fighting drive. Aero is available at stud.