Vithala Singh’s Thoughts On New Dog Tracking Training Book by Kris Kotsopoulos Von Forell Kennels.

For years I have been struggling with the conventional methods of training with regards to Tracking and I encountered, two ends of the spectrum in the main. The use of food as a manipulator to get the tracking per footstep and this brought the dog to a certain level.

On the other end you have the forced track, which is basically useless in certain endeavours like Law Enforcement. But Kris’ methods go way beyond, conventional training. It is so simple and easy to follow I wondered why no one else came up with this methodology before. but therein lies the genius. because once you start to really apply the method, you really start to see the direct effects it has on your training and the confidence you have in your dog’s understanding of what is asked.

Kris’ methodology takes into account the way dog’s perceive the scent stimulus, and what is necessary to have reliable results, every time you track. By proofing it under this method I am sure my dog is tracking the article laid by a human in every setting.
For me it is a quantum leap in application of understanding of dog’s physiology and psychology when it comes to them receiving the scent information and proper harnessing of such into a performance event.

Whether it is the competition field or the streets, Kris’ precision tracking is worth a read, and a re-read for every level !

On a personal note, I have to recommend Kris’ work in this book and also Kris as a consultant as he has been so meticulous and generous with his advice to me. It is clear he comes from a point of well researched knowledge and experience and is willing to share it to assist others.

Thanks again Kris.

Vithala Singh Miami Florida USA