Uzone von der Wolfshohle – Von Forell

Uzone vd Wolfshöhle

Ohle v. Rundeck, DDR 57963, SchH 2, Kör 5546/44, V, HD-zuerkannt      (17-12-1971)

Lex v. Aspenhaus, DDR 76444, SchH 2, Kör 5547/43, V, HD-zuerkannt      (25-11-1974)

Alli v.d. Rodighöhe, DDR 61900, SchH 1, Kör 5547/33, V, HD-normal      (10-08-1972)

Fels v. Kemmlerblick, DDR 92324, SchH 2, Kkl.1, Kör 6543/55, V, HD-zuerkannt      (29-05-1977)

Gero v. Guckelhorst, DDR 52706, SchH 3, Kör 6546/44, V, HD-zuerkannt

Desy v. Kemmlerblick, DDR 78537, SchH 1, Kör 6446/44, V, HD-zuerkannt      (31-03-1975)

Nette v. Taubenhübel, DDR 53606, SchH 1, FH, ZTP 5546/44, V, HD-zuerkannt

Uzone v.d. Wolfshöhle, DDR 116476, SchH 2, Kör 5546/34, V      (13-11-1980)

Pushkass v. Haus Himpel, DDR 47032, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1, WZ 5547/43, V, HD-zuerkannt

Don v. Haus Himpel, DDR 57979, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, Kör 5545/55, HD-zuerkannt      (19-12-1971)

Halla v. Haus Himpel, DDR 40523, SchH 2, Kör 5547/32, V, HD-normal      (14-06-1968)

Kira v. Wolfshöhle, DDR 99603, SchH 1, ZTP 4547/33, HD-normal      (10-06-1978)

Quinn v. Joopsee, DDR 52041, SchH 1, V

Yesta v. Baruther Land, DDR 77571, SchH 1, Kör 5543/33, SG, HD-normal      (14-02-1975)

Laura v. Baruther Land, DDR 65090, SchH 2, Kör 5446/34      (15-02-1973)

Uzone von der Wolfshöhle is the dam to Tanne v. Gleisdreieck, who in turn was very social in neutral situations, yet had incredibly active civil aggression, super bitework and very high trainability.

Uzone’s strong working lines go back to some great DDR dogs such as Fels v. KemmlerblickDDR Sieger), Frei v. Baruther Land (sire to Eggo v. Ammerberg, Enke v. Glockeneck, Don v. Fürstendamm), and Pushkass v. Haus Himpel (Bernd v. Lierberg son) (1980

Uzone’s Kör rating classifies her as a medium-sized, medium-strong female with ideal constitution and good angulation in the front and rear. She had a relaxed friendly temperament but was hard when provoked with reasonable sharpness, and good hardness and courage.

Siblings: Ucan.

Linebreeding:  ……………None in first 5 generations