Trish – testimonial

Trish owns Von Forell Omo

Hi Kris,

Finally a ‘formal’ update on “Shogun” (Von Forell Omo). As you know I was looking for a family pet who possessed a natural tendency to protect the house and family members after a frightening attempted break in one night. During that event, my German Shepherd bitch showed absolutely no signs of reacting to the threat which was of immense concern to me. Thus I began to enquire as to who was breeding excellent Dobermans as I felt it was time to go back to owning a ‘real’ dog!! (having owned that breed for the best part of 30 years and having fairly recently lost my old bitch at 14 years of age).

Von Forell was recommended by a couple of contacts here in Queensland and the rest, as they say, is history. What impressed me was the extent and depth of your breeding knowledge, expertise and overall program and your obvious passion for producing excellent working dogs. Your patience, advice and communication during the selection process were invaluable. So much so that I actually listened to what you had to say about your litters at the time, their probable characteristics, drive and temperaments and bought a German Shepherd pup! What a dog! He is everything I could possibly have wished for. He is extremely intelligent, gentle and devoted to the family. Gentle but definitely NOT soft. He was very easy to train in obedience work. He learned very quickly and was reliable. Where he really impressed me, though, was when I had the opportunity to undertake personal protection training with him.  Words such as ‘great drive’, ‘intense focus’, a ‘hard dog’ were all used to describe him. He loves to work and I think he is awesome to watch. I will try to get some photos of him in action and will send them on. In the mean time thank you so much for your dedication to breeding such great working dogs, I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a working/security dog or a valued family protector and companion.

Regards Trish