Tracking Workshop


Each Participant will receive a FREE copy of the New Tracking Book!

“Our intention in precision tracking is for our dog to identify and follow a unique and specific odour that is created when an individual human odour is merged with ground disturbance odour”  ……Kris Kotsopoulos.

Just Imagine this: 

Try to Imagine…it’s competition or certification day, you take your dog out of your vehicle and your dog instantaneously and willingly springs into a focused and intense heel. You proceed to the judge; make your announcement and ask your dog to track. He immediately begins tracking every step – slowly and calmly yet intensely focused. He stops at every corner, checks for the next leg and then continues to follow the track. He finds and indicates every article. On the last article, you ask your dog to heel. He springs into an intense heel and you both heel to the judge with his tail happily wagging, where you present all the articles. Most importantly, all of this happens without you holding your breath!

If you believe this to be reality for you and your dog, then please allow us to show you how. 

This workshop provides a step-by-step plan for achieving the same degree of understanding without hardship. Presented for tracking enthusiasts who value innovative insights into tracking training, this workshop fills in the gaps to help you achieve a better understanding of how dogs track and how to assist them. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned handler, all you will ever require to train your dog to be a tracking champion, is right here. This Workshop is a detailed map for creating an extraordinary tracking dog. It covers everything you need to know from getting started to advanced precision training techniques. You will learn how to awaken your personal canine training capability and open doors you never knew existed, enabling you to pass on skills and understanding never thought possible, to your canine friend.

You will learn:

  • About a dog’s olfactory ability & tracking theory
  • The importance of the first scent-pad
  • How to introduce articles and eliminate your dog missing them · How to increase scent commitment
  • How to lay, introduce and teach perfect corners and prevent over-shooting
  • Integrating the clicker & remote trainer, safely and humanely, to develop a reliable tracking dog
  • How to slow down your dog without destroying motivation
  • Discrimination training to identify human signature odour

and much more…

We believe that dogs already know how to track it’s just that we teach them how not to track. This workshop is geared at achieving that elusive 100 points or precision tracking. Whether you track for fun, high level competition or Law Enforcement this workshop is a must.

Von Forell K9 Tracking, systematically explores the process of allowing clear mental pathways for you and your dog to gain tremendous results in tracking.

All participation will receive certification of completion.

1 Day:     9am to 4pm  Sunday