Tony Mantz – testimonial

ony Mantz owns a Von Forell Shepherd

Tony's pup BlackieHi Kris,

I have been an owner of nothing but German Shepherds for my entire life and I must say the best puppy so far was supplied by Kris Kotsopoulos at Von Forell. My search was a very long one. The breeder from which I previously bought my current dog retired. I was looking for a new pup for my son and we wanted nothing but a top notch German Shepherd. The quality of the pup was a reflection of how dedicated Kris is to the breed. I was very impressed with Kris’ enthusiasm, passion and knowledge. His kennels are also excellent. At this early stage Blackie is showing great confidence, alertness and a very high drive.  Kris is always available with great advice and so far he has been spot on.

If you serious about your German Shepherds and want a quality dog, whether it be for work or as a great family companion with on going back up then Von Forell is your only serious choice. You may find cheaper but you won’t find better. We will definitely continue our relationship with Kris and buy another one of his German Shepherds down the track.

Yours Truly,
Tony Mantz.