Tom zum Pohranicni Straze – Von Forell


Ajo Ja-Kra CS, SKSP 3915/76/79, ZVV 2, UM, T: 5JI5, výborný

Car pod Molnošskou banou CS, SKSP 75, ZVV 3, IPO 3, ZM, T: 5JKX5, výborný, HD-normal

Bojka pod Zoborskou banou CS, SKSP 4521/77/79, ZVV 1, ZM, T: 5JOY7,

Cordon An-Sat, CKSP 61147, IPO 3, ZVV 3, FH, Kkl. 2, T: 5CKV1/P, SG, HD-normal     

Iran z. Hornich Plesu CS, CKSP 990006, ZVV 2, T: 5WI5, ev.c.: 006 , výborný

Teri SNB CS, SKSP 9808/80/84, ZVV 1, ZM, T: 5CUS, velmi dobra, SG, HD-Normal

Rupa SNB CS, SP-PS, T: 5DKU7, ev.c.: 1861

Tom z. Pohranicni stráze, CKSP 22846, ZVV 2, OP 1, ZPS, SP-PS, T: 5CVQ1/P, SG, OFA Excellent  (29-08-1994)

Iwo v.d. Buschecke, DDR 130296, SchH 3, ZVV 1, FH 2, Kör 5546/54 V,

Kaso z. Pohranicni stráze, CKSP 0565, ZVV 1, SP/PS, Kkl. 1, T: 5V6/44, SG, HD-Normal

Ema z. Pohranicni stráze, CKSP 1506, ZVV 1, ZM, SP/PS, T: 5Y1/N, velmi

Axa z Blatenskeho Zamku CS, CSKP 80054, ZVV 1, Kkl. 2, T: 4CU1/P, HD-0/0

Kass v. Fürstendamm, DDR 11952, ZVV 2 , ZM, T: 5JKX5,

Majka z Blatenskeho zamku, CSKP 42423, ZVV 2, ZM, T: 5CV5, velmi dobrý, HD-0/0

Klara z Pohranicní stráže, CKSP: 2150/78/80, ZVV 2, ZM, T: 5JV5,

Tom zum Pohranicni stráze comes from the world famous Czech Police breeding kennel “Pohranicni stráze”. He is a large dark sable male who was an active Police dog in the Czech Republic. He had high balanced drives with strong nerves, and much hardness. Tom has been used in many different breeding programs with much success and his offspring are known for their natural aggression, high willingness to work, and dark pigment.

Tom is a combination of old DDR and Czech bloodlines. His father Cordon An-Sat was one of the greatest producers of Police dogs in Czech. On his mothers side he has many great DDR dogs such as Held v. Ritterberg, Iwo v.d. Buschecke, Kass v. Fürstendamm, and Bojar v. Shotterhof. These dogs were purchased from the old DDR by the Pohranicni stráze Kennel for breeding purposes and were well-known for producing excellent structural soundness and strong balanced temperaments. Klara z. Pohranicni stráze also appears in Tom’s pedigree and she was one of the best producers of Police dogs at the Pohranicni stráze kennel.

Tom was the crown winner of the 1999 International Stud Dog Show in Bratislava, Slovakia which is known as the largest working stud dog show in Europe.

Tom’s Kör rating classifies him between 63cm – 65cm in height with the required strength and build; straight, short croup, he is Wolf-grey, has dark features and dark pigment. He has considerable hardness, courage and fight drive; dog releases bite on handler command.

Linebreeding:  : ……………None in first 5 generations