Tobias Oleynik Seminar From Germany – Perth

Von Forell Instinctive Training Systems


3rd Seminar with Tobias Oleynik

Perth 2014

Tobias’ successes – BSP 8th 2003, LG FCI 2nd 2011, Sieger Bundes FCI 2011, Vizebundessieger 2011
7. Platz WUSV 2001. WUSV Best Obedience with 98 P, Vize-Mannschaftsweltmeister 2011

Tobias’ training capabilities are displayed in these two videos

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In 2011 Tobias scored 98 Points in Obedience WUSV World Championship

Training At Home

Von Forell Instinctive Training Systems

Von Forell Instinctive Training Systems’ aim is to provide initiatives that offer practical and effective solutions to the management and education of Companion and Competition Dogs.

The purpose of our training workshops is to provide a structural overview of factors considered pertinent to understanding the issues and management of canine temperament, and to encourage the development of protocols and procedures that when implemented, will assist to minimise harm, physical or emotional, to humans and other animals. In addition, these protocols and procedures aim to create canine harmony in our community with a focus on controlled performance and the breeding of emotionally balanced dogs.
Most importantly, we are focused on our dogs truly enjoying their work due to thorough comprehension, which is only possible when the handler understands how dogs learn and operate.

Our weekend with Tobias Oleynik from Germany

Australia has always been left behind in the acquisition of information regarding canines because of its geographical isolation. However, due to the internet and other modes of information sharing there has recently been an immense amount of knowledge passed on by some brilliant minds. This has been especially so in the last 8 years.
To achieve high levels of training in today’s highly competitive dog sports we have realized one very important thing and that is, we must find a balance between “motivation and concentration”. However, these modes of behaviour are driven by a particular type of dog. A dog that is inherently driven, joyful and robust. In dog sports, it is required that the dog should get maximum points. Therefore, it needs to do the required exercises precisely, cheerfully and accurately. If we encourage the dog with motivation and provide energy, his work is exciting for him. However, with this comes the likelihood of mistakes. On the other hand, in a dog that has developed a high level of concentration for his commands we get to see technically flawless responses. For many handlers, these responses are believed to be out of reach and their work usually lacks joyful execution and speed.

We believe that any sport with our dogs should be one of joyful execution, speed, power and compliance on cue – also called stimulus control. Our presentations and demonstrations should at least inspire and encourage the general public to manage their dogs better and the followers of our hobby to be the best they can be. This is possible when you find the right balance between “motivation” and “concentration” in your training.

We would honestly say that learning to find the right balance is sometimes not easy. The language of our dogs is one of non-verbal communication! This is very different to what we have as people, because we are accustomed to using verbal communication, and the right balance in behavior and communication is very much a question of interpretation. This is where we find the largest misunderstanding occurring between a handler and his dog. Teacher and student, man and dog initially talk in different languages as we no doubt find in all training. So the information and knowledge delivered during our seminars is designed to help you become a better trainer and handler.

The question is, “How do I communicate what I want to my dog?”

Our Mission with Tobias

Our mission is to inspire you to the point that you want to keep learning and for you to be the best you can be. Tobias’ direction is to enrol 30 people to participate in three seminars. The three coming seminars will be spaced over 18 months and will be delivered in a system that will provide you with structured lesson plans from the beginning. The first seminar will set the foundation of Tobias’ system and the following two seminars will follow through with you, all the way on how to achieve world standard capability. Tobias’ aim is to make everyone a champion. 

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