Titus zum Pohranicni Straze – Von Forell


Ingo v. Rudingen, DDR 73841, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, Kör 5547/33, V, HD-zuerkannt

Held v. Ritterberg, DDR 103304, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, Kör 5546/44, V, HD-zuerkannt  

Burga v Haus Himpel, DDR 81488, SchH 3, FH, Kör 5547/32, V,

Bero v.d. Friedersdorfer Flur, DDR 141871, SchH 1, SP-PS, Kör 5546/44, SG, HD-zuerkannt

Ringo v. Haus Assja, DDR 90994, SchH 2, FH, Kör 5547/43, V    

 Ivette v. Fürstendamm, DDR 113814, FH 1, ZTP 5447/23, SG, HD-zuerkannt    

Quinte v. Fürstendamm, DDR 85614, SchH 2, FH 1, Kör 5545, V    

Titus z. Pohranicni stráze, CKSP 0564-90, H I, SP-PS, T: 5JY6/54, velmi dobrý HD-normal (27-11-1987)

Felix Kasiopea, CSHPK 50691, ZVV 2, T: 4JKRI5, výborný

Nero z. Vlad-Ku CS, CKSP 21905, ZVV 2, ZM, SP-PS, T: 5C5Y, VD, HD-zuerkannt

Bessy z. Ladvelu CS, CKSP 72100, ZVV 2, ZM, T: 5DJI7, VD, Velmi dobra

Vera z. Pohranicni stráze, SchH 1, SP-PS, T: 5JXQ6/54, Ev.c. 1998, HD-zuerkannt

Ingo z. Pohranicni stráze, SP-PS, T: 5DRI3, Ev.c. 917, Velmi dobrý 

Verva z. Pohranicni stráze, SP-PS, Ev.c 1038      (21-10-1983)      (Border Patrol Dog)

Jona z. Pohranicni stráze, ZVV 2, SP-PS, WZ: 6645, Ev.c 5943, Velmi dobrý

Titus zum Pohranicni stráze is one of the all time great producers of working service dogs for the Czech Border Patrol, as well as the Slovakian Policia kennel. Titus was a Certified Border Patrol dog with a strong bone structure and stable but serious temperament.

I saw Titus aged at 10 years and was incredibly impressed with him, one can only imagine what he was like at his peak. He was very much like Stobar Hardt in type and character.

Titus’s strong working lines go back to many great DDR dogs such as Arko v. Gräfental (sire to Treu v. Schäferstolz), Ingo v. Rudingen (sire to Jeff v. Flämings-Sand, Held v. Ritterberg, Xanto v.d. Gundorfer Höhe, Robby v. Glockeneck), and Ex v. Riedstern (sire to Condor v. Marderpfahl, Cliff v.Bleichfleck, Frei v.Osterberg).

Titus is also 1/2 brother to another Czech great Dolf ze Zakovy hory, who in turn is Fax v. Grenzgänger’s sire.

Titus’s Kör rating classifies him between 63cm – 65cm in height with the required strength and build; correct expression, excellent proportions, and is totally black. His temperament was Brave, aggressive, and sensitive to strikes.

Linebreeding:  ……………None in first 5 generations