Testimonial From Jacalyn M Wilson From Texas USA Regarding Von Forell Kennels Australia


I want to thank you so much for your time we spent with you this year. It was a humbling experience and one I will remember forever. It is nice to know you have such high standards for your work and dogs. It is of no surprise you will be successful in your book. I hope to get it as soon as it is out in print. Your work and your dogs are magnificent examples of what a true working dog should be.

Your breeding program speaks for itself when you see your dogs and the work you have done with them. I know many people who have lost sight of the “Total dog” because they are breeding them too large and they end up with dogs with so many problems. You have managed to keep in mind the work a working dog should be doing and not lose sight of an Intelligent, even tempered dog.

It is not often you come across a person who has goals for his breeding and working program. Today you will see people who only hold the value of money and they are short lived and not remembered. Kris you will go down in history as a man who has protected the breed in doing so you are protecting the world. Imagine a world where a dog can only look pretty and not be able to work. That would be great if you could save a life from behind a desk. Your training and dogs get the job done. What more could you ask for?

Again thank you for your knowledge on picking the puppy who will work and thank you for your time. I can’t wait to send you video footage of my next litter.

Jacalyn M Wilson – Texas USA