Testimonial From Canine Cure For Von Forell Kennels Australia Dog Training Remote Trainer Seminar

The Von Forell K9 Remote Trainer course:

As usual, we were made to feel comfortable and very welcome, and the course was delivered in the typical low-key, no-nonsense manner that we have come to expect at Von Forell.

During the course, Kris was at pains to demonstrate the other end of the spectrum to our usual use of the collars. Instead of the aversive stimuli that we are currently using in WA, we saw a LOW-LEVEL, NON-AVERSIVE STIMULUS paired with the feeling of excitement and exhilaration in the dog during moments of high drive.  

This new concept bodes well for dog trainers throughout the world. By delivering a low-level, non-aversive stimulus the dog is instantly ready for action. We saw how the high drive in dogs can be immediately available and used in some amazing ways. Resistance to training from lethargy or dullness seems to evaporate as the dog takes on a different demeanor. It is as if the stimulus causes an instant attitude in the dog of:

“Now I am ready, willing and able to conquer the world… what are my orders?”

This training requires some prior learning of dog behaviour principles, but it is delivered in a simple and straightforward manner. We would recommend this course to all dog trainers as it certainly broadens the horizons of what can be achieved both with dogs and with the skilled use of remote training collars.

CAUTION: this course may effectively overturn your opinions on remote collars.

Seth Pywell & Harry Pywell
Canine Cure Pty Ltd
29 Sept 2010