Testimonial For Decoy Worshop & New Dog Tracking Book By Brendan Knijf

As someone who is new to tracking Kris’s new book how to achieve precision tracking is a great tool to help build a foundation of knowledge and experience in a way to achieve success and quality tracking with your dog. It has a very easy step by step guide explaining in good detail which is easy to understand on how to start and achieve the end goal to have a reliable tracking dog. Even if you do not want to go to the extreme’s kris uses the knowledge you gain from the book will help you to come up with your own revised method for training.

I was fortunate to attend Von Forell’s Decoy workshop by Kris in Western Australia.
I must say it is an eye opener of a seminar;  at times it can feel overwhelming and a little confusing but as time passes and you think through the points Kris has put forward it becomes a lot more clearer. On what is required of dogs and the projection each dog display in given situations.

As you start to understand these projections you are able to read the dogs better in the drive and state of mind the dog are in at that moment.

When you start to notice weakness and strenths you can get a grip of what is really required of a dog to do any type of bitework.

With kris’s knowledge and experience you know you are getting the best advice available and if needed he is easily available for follow up questions.
With Kris’s dedication to improving the abilities of the working dog breeds, when it comes time to get myself a new dog there is only one kennel and one person i will turn to and that is Kris Kostopolus and Von Forell

Brendan Knijf
Western Australia