Testimonial By Seth Pywell For Dog Training Decoy Seminar By Kris Kotsopoulos In Western Australia

I have attended Von Forells’ Decoy Workshop a number of times and found them to be not only educational but absolutely fascinating. I found such value in these Eastern states  based courses that I requested a Decoy Workshop be held in Perth Westen Australia. It was a great privellage to expose my circle of clients and trainers to Kris’ philosophy of Advanced Decoy / Helper work.

To hear the theory and then moments later actually see it come to life on the field with soft grips becoming crushing and powerful ones before our eyes. To watch confused dogs have instant clarity and understanding of the task. I don’t believe I will ever get tired of watching and learning from this elite training genius.

Thank you Kris for your priceless mentoring and guidance.  

Seth Pywell
Canine Cure Pty Ltd
0488 431 013