Tammie King BSc (Hons) writes Testimonial for Kris and Tonia Kotsopolous – Von Forell Kennels

I recently had the pleasure of attending a day-long seminar with the Doberman Club of Victoria. This event was held at the impressive Von Forell establishment owned by Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulous. Kris presented a wealth of information pertaining to our beloved breed. His passion and dedication to all aspects regarding the health, behaviour and breeding of the Dobermann was impressive.  

He no doubt has the knowledge and experience to share with others who are keen to learn more about various aspects of the dog breeding/training industry. His commitment to producing the total Dobermann, is admirable.

In the midst of increasing government legislation here in Victoria regarding dog ownership, as well as cultural attitudes which hold negative views of the Dobermann and other traditional working breeds, it is important that those familiar with dog behaviour can educate others. Kris is definitely one of those people!


As a scientist who is researching canine behaviour, I am constantly seeking others who share similar passions with whom I can collaborate. I commend Kris and Tonia for their openness to share ideas, to educate others and for their desire to learn more.

Since the Dobermann Club seminar I have communicated with Kris on several occasions. I have found Kris to be extremely personable and very generous with his time. Kris is an intelligent and focused individual who is driven to produce superior working dogs and share with others his experiences. We need more people like him in the dog world. I look forward to learning more from Kris and Tonia and hopefully collaborating with them on future projects.

I encourage anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge on dog behaviour and training, or those with a keen interest in working dogs to contact Kris and Tonia.


Many thanks.

Tammie King BSc (Hons)
PhD Candidate
Anthrozoology Research Group
Monash University