Tailored Defensive Tactics Training and Package Design

The Defensive Tactic arm or our organization specialises in the tailored-design of Defensive Tactics packages for Military, Law Enforcement and Security personnel.  We begin by assessing your specific needs and then tailor a package or number of packages that would best suit your needs. We do this using the very best-practise defensive tactics training models, tactics and strategies necessary for effective restraint and control in both standing and ground-based applications.

Law Enforcement organizations have repeatedly attempted to adapt either sports or martial arts as a ‘use of force’ option with little or no success. Please understand that what we have to offer are tailor-made programs, that take into account cultural, environmental, timeline and other operational factors so that we achieve the best posisble outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

A part of our training philosophy is to build a high level of confidence in personnel, through the acquisition of the correct and tailored combination of the following skill-sets:

  • Structure-based defence vs attribute-based defence
  • De-escalation and verbal skills
  • Striking & covering training models
  • Takedown strategies
  • Ground control skills
  • Counter-grappling and disengagement strategies
  • The non-compliant offender: Cuffing and restrait strategies
  • Multiple opponent survival strategies
  • Edges weapon: defensive strategies
  • Working in teams
  • Working in crowded and tubular environments

Training Coordinator:

John Will began his martial arts training in 1972. With a basic grounding in amateur wrestling, Goju Kai Karate and Taekwondo. He first left Australian shores in 1975 to study the indigenous martial arts systems of South East Asia; with many of those years spent in Indonesia learning Pentjak Silat.

In the late 80’s, he founded Australia’s leading martial arts magazine Blitz; which gave him the means to travel and research the martial arts in many an exotic location.

The next twenty-five years saw him take more than 100 overseas training trips; including stints in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Mongolia, the U.S.A and Brazil. In ’82, he entered and won gold in the first World Silat Championships held in Jakarta, the first and at that time, the only non-Indonesian to accomplish that. His friendship with long-time training partner Richard Norton, opened many doors to him in the Unites States, that perhaps would have been closed to most people. So in the late 80’s, he began training with such notables as Benny Urquidez, Gene LeBell, Shuki Ron, Pete Cunningham, Rorion and Rickson Gracie and the Machado brothers.

In the late 80’s, a friendship with Rigan Machado allowed John to travel to and train in Brazil. He was the first non-Brazilian to undertake a study of BJJ in Rio de Janeiro. There, he was exposed to a wide cross-section of Brazil’s best BJJ coaches, and so began his serious study of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He was finally awarded the rank of black belt by Rigan and Jean Jacques Machado in 1998; making him one of the ‘BJJ Dirty Dozen’, the first twelve non-Brazilian BJJ Black Belts in the world and the very first Australian to do so. Since, he has pioneered BJJ in this country; paving the way for many others (John Will now holds the rank of 4th degree Black Belt in BJJ).

Up until that time, John had taught Shootfighting (a term used to describe MMA before it spread to the wider martial arts community); but upon being graded to black belt under the Machado’s, he felt the time was right to promote and develop the Brazilian art in Australasian region.

Along with an American- based BJJ Black Belt, David Meyer, John founded Masterclass Curriculums – an organization that has successfully provided a professional BJJ and MMA curriculums to over 1000 schools throughout the USA and Europe.

His schedule is a demanding one, even by international standards. John now conducts in excess of seventy BJJ seminars throughout Australia and overseas, each calendar year. The growth of BJJ in Australasia has, to a large extent been as a direct result, of his regular seminar circuit. John has produced champions at national, international and world level – even in the Black Belt division – but when pushed on the point, has this to say; “everyone in my class is a champion – they demonstrated the attitude of a champion by just making the decision to do something different; to leave their comfort zones and take up martial arts training – what we have to offer is for the benefit of all people, not just the great athletes.”

The last few years have seen John take a far more active role in the development of cutting edge law enforcement defensive tactics programs. He now works with various groups, such as Sky Marshals, Federal Police, Special Operations Personnel and Military personnel both at ADFA (Australian Defence Forces Academy in Canberra and at Quantico in Virginia, USA) to improve their arrest and control procedures.

Between writing books, running seminars, travelling and training with the worlds martial arts elite, our three time winner of the Blitz – Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award, can still be found most often, at his school in his hometown of Geelong in Victoria – Australia. The Fightpuzzle site (www.fightpuzzle.com) is his effort at reaching more people and taking the concept of BJJ and MMA instruction to another level.

Anyone wishing to learn more about John or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can find information on the website www.bjj.com.au.