Stuart and Nerida Dickins – Testimonial For Von Forell Dog Training Systems

We attended a two day condensed training course with Kris from Von Forell in February 2011.  We have trained dogs, mostly working German Shepherds for more than ten years, gathering advice and training with handlers and helpers from Australia, America, Germany as well as travelling to World Championships in Europe.

We would recommend Kris to anyone involved with training, breeding and development of working dogs.    Kris has a huge knowledge of dogs and the factors that may shape our relationships with them, in this well laid out course he addressed the needs of the beginners whilst engaging the more advanced in the group by imparting knowledge gained from his many years experience working with and breeding dogs. The format of the course was a good mix of class room seminars intermixed with practical workshops.  

Kris is a dog trainer with obvious passion for what he is doing and an interest in furthering his own skills as well as those of others in order to unite dog handlers, trainers and breeders with a similar goal, to always be striving to be one of the best in the field.

Kris is equipped with the people skills that are needed to encourage people to train their dogs to the best of their abilities and enjoy working their dog. Truly a must for all owners of working line dogs and for those that wish to gain a greater understanding of animal behaviour.

Yours Sincerely

Stuart and Nerida Dickins.