Stobar Hardt – Von Forell

Ingo v. Hafenlohrtal, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1223376, HD-zuerkannt 

Carrlberg Adam, V 134V75, BS Class II

Regenerace Gabriella, 14V74     (31-01-1974)

Regenerace Fairfax, V 633V77/1 CDX, BS Class II

Don v. Trafalga, DDR 58785, VG, HD-free (“A”)  DDR

Regenerace Barringa, V 55V75, BS Class II

Regenerace Eufrata, 138V73

Stobar Hardt, (V) 89574

Marko v. Cellerland, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1, 1972 Sieger

Six v.d. Pelztierfarm, SZ: 1246531, SG, HD-a 

Birke v. Haus Seltenreich, SchH 1, SZ: 1127797     (06-10-1966)

Regenerace Dianna, V478V76, BS Class II

Don v. Trafalga, DDR 58785, VG, HD-free (“A”)  

Regenerace Wally, V 25V75, BS Class I, SG     (28-02-1975)

Regenerace Gina, 14V7411     (31-01-1974)


Stobar Hardt’s pedigree is a combination of some old East & West German bloodlines. His West German ancestry traces back to Bodo v. Lierberg, Ingo v. Hafenlohrtal, SchH 3 (Imp. Gmy), Six v.d. Peltztierfarm (Imp. Gmy) and Marko v. Cellerland, SchH 3, FH.

He is line bred 4 – 4 on the famous DDR male Ex v. Riedstern through his son Don v. Trafalga, who was imported into Australia.

Stobar Hardt was well known in Australian for his hardness, civil aggression and great working ability and sired some strong working dogs like Norse and Jag – from both of whom we also have stored semen collections.

Linebreeding:  3 – 3……………Don v. Trafalga
4 – 4……………Ex v. Riedstern