Six von der Pelztierfarm – Von Forell


Cyrus v. Baltikum, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1014049

Kondor v. Golmkauer Krug, HGH, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1109329, V

Forma v. Piastendamm, SchH 1, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1039364, V

Marko v. Cellerland, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1, SZ: 116932 3, VA,

Lork v. Eningsfeld, SchH 2, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1048410, V,

Cilla v. Hunenfeuer, SchH 2, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1112613, V, HD-zuerkannt

Barbel v.d. Pferdeheide, SchH 1, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1027152, V

Six v.d. Pelztierfarm, SZ: 1246531, SG, HD-a     (15-08-1971)    (Imp. Germany)

Vello z. den Sieben-Faulen, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1, SZ: 935874, V

Jalk v. Fohlenbrunnen, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, SZ: 973652, VA, HD-zuerkannt 

Gunda v. Fohlenbrunnen, SchH 2, Kkl. 1, SZ 918969, V

Birke v. Haus Seltenreich, SchH 1, SZ: 1127797

Brix v.d. Grafenkrone, SchH 3, SZ: 994755, V 

Anka v. Baiertalerstrasse, SchH 1, SZ: 1056633      (27-09-1963)

Ira v.d. Wienerau, SchH 1, SZ: 1013210      (24-05-1961)

Six von der Pelztierfarm is the son of the famous 1973 World Sieger Marko v. Cellerland, SchH 3, FH, VA. Six was exported from Germany to Australia at the age of 18 months. He was exhibited only in the Youth Classes (12 – 18 months) in Germany where he obtained “Very Good” gradings under Dr. Rummel, H. Martin, A. Humberdros, and Hebel.

Six’s maternal grandsire is Jalk v. Fohlenbrunnen VA 1961, 62, 63, and can be found in the pedigrees of many present day working shepherds. Six is also the maternal grandsire to the very hard and aggressive male Stobar Hardt, from whom we have stored semen collections.

Sibling: Sawa.

Linebreeding:  4 – 2……………Jalk v. Fohlenbrunnen