Seminar Testimonials


Felix Ho from Total Canine Sporting Club

Felix with Corvette
   Felix with Corvette

Talent is nothing without coaching. Anyone who is involved in a high level of competitive sport understands that having a great coach is just as crucial as having talent. I am very fortunate because I have two such coaches.

I remember when I first started my career in Schutzhund, I was a rough diamond with a thousand sharp edges, too ready to prove, too stubborn to listen. Kris Kotsopoulos and Jim Tokis recognized my burning desire and took me under their wings. Thinking back, in the three-year journey I spent with them, they are a lot more than just my coaches to me. They are my mentors, who harnessed my talent, strengthened my character, showed me the ways to bring out the best of my dogs, and more importantly, they taught me the only way to be a winner, is being a winner in your heart.

Tricks and trades can be copied and imitated to impress some people, but being cannot be faked. Jim and Kris truly understand how to bring out the best of each handler and dog, not only in his physical skills, but in his mindset and attitude, to be the victor he dreams to be.

They have offered me a precious gift that I now relish for the rest of my life. I highly recommend their system and teaching!

26th September 2005

Felix Ho

Bachelor of Animal Science, La Trobe University

Training Director, CanineSquad

Trainer & Helper, Total Canine Sporting Club

Field Writer, Australasian Working Dog

Two times Australian Schutzhund National competitor

Multiple “High In Trial” winner

Handler, Owner, & Trainer of Malinois – Schwarzhund Marko �Corvette� SchH 2, IPO 3 � 2 nd at the 2005 Australian Schutzhund National Championship 90-90-91=271

The first, and currently the only person in Australia to bring up, train, and title a Belgian Shepherd Malinois to SchH/IPO 3 level


Pete Crocker (President of Dogsport NZ Inc.)

Hi Kris,

This is a well over due thank you for your help from both a personal view as well as a professional perspective. From the first time you came to New Zealand and held a seminar for Dogsport NZ Inc, I’ve been impressed with the intense passion you show for not only the sport but the whole package, from your immense knowledge and understanding of genetics and bloodlines within both the German Shepherds and Dobermans breeds. The research that has gone into the raising of puppies through to adulthood alone highlights the attention to detail and the lengths you have gone to in your attempts to consistently produce a superior working dog. It’s a shame more breeders don’t put the work into this area, there would be huge numbers of puppies over the years that have never reached their potential purely due to people’s lack of understanding in this area alone.

Hopefully in the very near future Dogsport NZ will have you out here again to hold another training seminar; personally I feel the first of your seminars I went to was for me one of the most informative seminars I have ever attended. Currently we have a number of members that would benefit greatly by getting you to conduct a seminar, from helpers of varying standards (including myself) to handlers that would like to compete at a very high level within the sport. Also helping some of our members understand more regarding imprinting, socialization and behavioural modifications. Even explaining to members the value of the correct diet programme for the working German Shepherd, something I know you have done a great deal of work on. Kris I feel your passion and enthusiasm as well as your phenomenal desire to understand and succeed in every aspect of your obsession can only motivate and excite our members.

On a professional basis on behalf of myself and the Government Department I work for here in New Zealand I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping to set up our Detector Dog breeding programme, after several litters there is no doubt that your breeding recommendations as well as your information on the socializing and imprinting has played a vital role in the future of the programme.

Finally I’d like to thank you for the hospitality you have shown on my numerous trips to Melbourne, the many hours you have taken out of your busy schedule to talk and share your innovative and smart training ideas. Your time has been very much appreciated.

Pete Crocker
President Dogsport NZ Inc.

Phil Rose

To Whom It May Concern,

The nature of my work (Dog Training), is very demanding for various reasons and I’m often asked to recommend a reliable breeder where people can purchase quality puppies. Therefore, it means I must have a responsible source of breeders, who breed various types of animals, whether it be for a pet or serious working dog, whom I can confidently recommend for reliable and guaranteed stock.

When searching for the best working bloodlines in the world, one must seriously consider Von Forell Australia . I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Kris Kotsopoulos of Von Forell Australia simply because of hi knowledge, understanding the temperament of the best working lines available and for a complete before and after sales service one receives with Von Forell Australia. Therefore, it is this very reason that I have had such a long standing association with this breeding kennel.

Von Forell Australia , is recognised throughout the nation for its outstanding breeding programs and diversity of working bloodlines available. Kris Kotsopoulos is one of a rare group of honest, hard working and extremely knowledgeable people, who is dedicated to producing exceptional working dogs. Throughout the country there are dogs from Von Forell performing a diverse range of duties. His track record for consistently breeding genetically superior animals for all applications (Schutzhund, Security, Law Enforcement etc) speaks for itself.

However, not only is the knowledge he possesses regarding breeding unsurpassed, the International experience he also has on canine behaviour and training, lends itself quite appropriately to the sound breeding program developed at Von Forell. Being the high achiever that he is, Kris will not settle for a second rate animal. For this very reason, he has achieved a superior reputation and is widely respected throughout the breeding fraternity.

Therefore, regarding the issue of credible, competent and reliable breeders, I can confidently recommend Von Forell Australia to any individual or organisation, who is genuinely considering the purchase of quality working dogs.

Yours Sincerely,
Phil Rose.

Dennis Gallacher (Vice president Australian Untided Shutzhund Clubs)

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I have in writing this reference for Mr Kris Kotsopoulos and the boys of AUSTRALIAN DOG TRAINING.

I first met Kris at a Shutzhund trial here in W.A. some 13 years ago and was immediately impressed, especially in someone so young, with his knowledge and experience with canines (particularly Dobermanns and German Shepherd Dogs ).

Since then I would consider Kris as a very good friend and through him I have met, on several occasions, the dog trainers from A.D.T. who also impressed me with their knowledge of protection and obedience training.

I have recently established a security company specialising in canines here in Perth and help and advice that Kris, Jimmy and Boyd have freely given has been a major factoring my company’s success.

On a personal level I have found Kris to be someone of high ideas and standards quite frank and honest, which is becoming increasingly rare these days. It is these qualities that have established him as a professional and credible dog person.

I have met Kris’s family and have found them to be supportive and understanding of his ways.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kris and VON FORELL KENNELS to anyone as his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm in breeding and training dog are limitless.

Many Thanks Kris,
Your’s Sincerely,
Dennis Gallacher

Vice president Australian Untided Shutzhund Clubs
President Kwinana Sportdog Club
Director A.D.O.P.T K9 Training
Past member Dobermann Club of W.A.

Paul Achten (Australian Untided Shutzhund Clubs Judge and Competitor)

Since the conception of Schutzhund in New Zealand in 1991, it is easy now to look back at those people who have been influential in its progress over the years. One of those people to visit our shores was Kris Kotsopolous. Kris was invited to New Zealand in the early nineties to help members of Dogsport New Zealand come to grips with a new and fast evolving sport. I remember talking to Kris via phone and e-mail with a large list of items to cover for a proposed seminar that Kris was to run . To say the least we were not disappointed.

When you go to a seminar, you want to come away with information, new ideas and the possibility of improved performance from your dog. To captivate an audience, show high motivation and be free with knowledge and acceptance of new ideas is a unique ski ll and in essence the foundation for a good seminar. The combination of many years involvement with dogs, the ability to travel overseas and see first hand international trainers and competitors, select and breed with international bloodlines, enables one to address the many different parts of our chosen sport. I wish Kris success with his future plans.

Paul Achten

Charlotte Priest (Total Canine Sporting Club Member)

I first met Kris in 1999 after purchasing our first dog from his breeding and training facility Von Forell Kennels. Being relative novices at owning and training a dog Kris was able to put both my partner, Graham, and myself’s mind at ease with his vast knowledge of the canine field and the professional manner in which it was presented. Over the past four years our constant contact with Kris has resulted not only in a larger understanding of the dog and it’s behaviour but has also forged a very good friendship, one that is certainly appreciated by both Graham and myself.

Through his constant research both here and around the globe Kris has attained, among many things, the understanding of why a dog behaves so, the means behind its actions, the science. There appear to be many dog trainers available but there are few in the world at such a level and even fewer still that have the ability to succeed with their knowledge both on a business level and also on the competitive scene. Kris has achieved this and, although modest in his success, those associated with him are very aware of it and I certainly respect him for it.

Kris’s dedication to the dogs and also their handler / owners is most impressive. As training director of Total Canine Sporting Club Inc. Kris attends early morning training session with myself and the other members six days a week in addition to a weekly night class. His adaptation to the various dogs that attend and his ability to readily and concisely impart his wisdom to us is not something that is taken for granted in the club and we are very privileged to have such a trainer.

I have always found Kris to be most approachable and welcoming. His sincerity and dedication to those around him are qualities to be admired and are only complimented by his friendly and easy going demeanor.

I look forward to continuing my valued friendship with Kris, founded simply on an interest in dogs, as he is an individual that I not only enjoy spending time with but someone that I will learn from for a long time to come.

Yours Sincerely,
Charlotte Priest