Security Pekahia – Von Forell


Carrlberg Adam, V 134V75, BS Class II

Regenerace Fairfax, V 633V77/1 CDX, BS Class II

Regenerace Barringa, V 55V75, BS Class II 

Stobar Hardt, (V) 89574

Six v.d. Pelztierfarm, SZ: 1246531, SG, HD-a      (15-08-1971)      (Imp.

Regenerace Dianna, V478V76, BS Class II

Regenerace Wally, V 25V75, BS Class I, SG      (28-02-1975)

Security Pekahia, 0257731

Don v. Trafalga, DDR 58785, VG, HD-free (“A”)      (23-02-1972)  (Imp. East

Armando Whisky, 100% DDR, V 52084

Assi v.d. Flohastrand, DDR 66037, HD-free      (26-05-1973)  (Imp. East

Security Ixoye Huldah, V 189928

Four Province Chieftain, V 83397

Brenart Black Beauty, V 128272

Schwarzlohe Camiloh, V 61401

Security Pekahia (Norse) was a very substantial and powerful black male who had a dominant & aggressive temperament.

Norse’s pedigree is a combination of some old East & West German bloodlines. His West German ancestry goes back to dogs like Ingo v. Hafenlohrtal SchH 3, Six v.d. PeltztierfarmMarko v. Cellerland SchH 3, FH, V-1. Norse was line bred 4, 4 – 3 on the East German import male Don v. Trafalga, himself the son of the famous producer Ex v. RiedsternDDR great in Xito v. Baruther Land. (Imp. Gmy) and SchH 3. Norse was also a descendent of another all time

Von Forell would like to thank Norse’s owner and breeder, Neville Williams for his generosity and belief in our breeding program.

Sibling: Priscilla.

Linebreeding:  4, 4 – 3……………Don v. Trafalga
5, 5 – 4……………Ex v. Riedstern