Security Ixoye Tolis – Von Forell


Carrlberg Adam, V 134V75, BS Class II

Regenerace Fairfax, V 633V77/1 CDX, BS Class II

Regenerace Barringa, V 55V75, BS Class II

Stobar Hardt, (V) 89574

Six v.d. Pelztierfarm, SZ: 1246531, SG, HD-a      (15-08-1971)   

Regenerace Dianna, V478V76, BS Class II

Regenerace Wally, V 25V75, BS Class I, SG      (28-02-1975)

Security Ixoye Tolis, V1074384       (24-07-1989)

Regenerace Fairfax, V 633V77/1, CDX, BS Class II

Stobar Hardt, (V) 89574

Regenerace Dianna, V478V76, BS Class II

Security Priscilla, V 257729

Armando Whisky, 100% DDR, V 52084

Security Ixoye Huldah, V 189928

Brenart Black Beauty, V 128272

Security Ixoye Tolis (Jag) pictured here at 10 years of age was a very substantial and powerfully built black male. This dog had a magnificent head and bone that had to be seen to be believed. He had a very strong and independent character and in his prime had excellent civil aggression. Even at 11 years of age he was mentally alert and a dominant individual.

Jag’s pedigree is a combination of some old East & West German bloodlines. His West German ancestory traces back to dogs like Ingo v. Hafenlohrtal SchH 3, Six v.d. Peltztierfarm (Imp. Gmy) and Marko v. Cellerland SchH 3, FH, V-1 (Jag is line bred on these three males). He is also heavily line bred on the DDR registered male Don v. Trafalga, the son of the famous Ex v. Riedstern SchH 3. Amazingly, Jag’s ancestory also traces back to another great DDR male in Xito v. Baruther Land.

Linebreeding:  1 – 2……………….Sobar Hardt
3 – 4……………….Six v.d. Pelztierfarm
4 – 5……………….Ingo v. Hafenlohrtal
4 – 5……………….Marko v. Cellerland
4, 4 – 4, 5, 5…….Don v. Trafalga