Ray – testimonial

Ray bought a puppy from Baron’s “V” litter in 1999

Baron vom nBlitzkrieger son

Dear Kris,

Following our recent purchase of one of your black male Dobermann puppies we wished to express our appreciation of the quality of dog we have received. Seven months prior to purchasing your pup we purchased a Dobermann bitch from another breeder, presuming that what we had acquired was a true Dobermann. Whilst she has become a welcomed addition to our family, it became apparent that her temperament would never allow her to provide the protection and peace of mind we had expected. She presents as very timid with scattered concentration and lacking in confidence, not only with people but also with other dogs far smaller than herself. We have also had occasion where she has not only let total strangers onto our property in our absence, but also welcomed them fully. Upon purchasing your puppy, it became evident in a short period of time that what we are now dealing with is the true Dobermann temperament. Our male presents as not only a dog with absolute confidence to all situations that he has been introduced to, but a sound mind with an exceptionally quick ability to learn. He also surprised us when at three months of age he would bark and growl fiercely at any unidentified persons approaching the house.

Another obvious difference in our two Dobermanns is that our initial bitch is of a very fine frame and somewhat awkward in her coordination and movement. Your male has not only reached our expectations of the body shape and size we would expect of a “true” Dobermann, but has exceeded these dramatically (currently 18.5 kgs at 15 weeks of age). He has drawn attention to himself from not only persons who are unfamiliar with the breed, but those who claim to have vast experience with Dobermanns. Thank you for the time and hard work that you have placed into developing such a high quality breeding program, the results of which are so evident in our dog, and the endless advice and support you have continued to provide.