“Quality Von Forell Genetics Now In Malaysia With Dr Shri Kanth To Enhance Working Dog Genetics”

After careful analysis Dr Shri contacted Von Forell Australia in a effort to source the correct Male German Shepherd with the Genetic propensity to reproduce him self.

“Malaysia in a country with a thirst for new working dogs and bloodlines and strive  to accelerate our influence in the working dog world. We need a variation of Bloodlines and Training Education hence why I have contacted Kris Kotsopoulos at Von Forell Australia”
I’m a keen German Shepherd Dog enthusiast and the addition of Von Forell Urih “A Z” will be a great complement for my breeding.  I anticipate a rewarding relationship between Kivash Kennels Malaysia and Von Forell Australia.”

……..Dr Shri Kanth

“I am personally very excited about establishing ties with Dr Shri and firmly believe that it will help Malaysia access working genes that they may not have. Von Forell has built a reputation founded on delivering German Shepherds and Dobermans with a high magnitude of Genetic capability.
Our primary purpose is the breeding of highly driven animals that are genetically orientated to be working dogs. Police, Private Security, Corrections, Explosive, Narcotic Detection agencies and families utilize our dogs.

They are healthy, powerful, driven, coupled with functional structure and a mentality that never gives up. We operate out of Melbourne Australia and we’re supported by a global infrastructure of suppliers. This makes us a true international provider of genetically inclined performance dogs linked with cutting edge training technologies that we offer all via our educational workshops and seminars.”

…….Kris Kotsopoulos

Von Forell has heavily invested, since 1981, in the research and development of the world’s most potent working genes which created  ‘VON FORELL GENETICS’.
By successfully integrating unique technology with:- the finest bloodlines, the most up to date training philosophies, the best equipment, the most suitable alliances, they have introduced an elite level of products and services into the global market.
“This union is something I have been searching for a for quite a while and to finally find the one stop shop in breeding, training, products and services is a blessing in the dog world. No one seems to be able to deliver the total package. I am very gratefull to find Kris Kotsopoulos and have consequently ordered a DDR puppy female from his next breedings for my Malaysian breeding programe”

……..Dr Shri Kanth