“Julia Dudgeon Comments On Her Von Forell Dobermann Female”

Dear Kris & Tonia


Von Forell Kiki (Born 28/4/11)  – by Pedro Vom Burgwald out of VonForell Cleo

I call her Zizah, aka The ‘Z’ pup, and my journey with this pup has been one hell of a ride.  No mucking around, at just 16 months old she is mentally the toughest dog I have ever had to deal with.

I won the lottery – she is my best friend, the most magnificent companion animal anyone could ever wish for –  confident, totally stable, happy and sociable ( when she wants to be ) .

I have not one doubt about her strength of character , not one niggling thought of distrust or concern . My friend says I have done it again , got the pick of the litter… that is not the way of Von Forell … ALL are constant , that is what they strive for , their expertise , knowledge of genetics ( who to put with who ) and Kris’ ability to match dogs to owners / handlers  is beyond my understanding …

Socially I am totally at ease when out walking her, or running loose in a park,  as is she. Pups , small dogs , up to the huge Black Russian Terrier or the Dutch Shepherd are all happy in her presence, she adapts her play to suit  the situation, any ‘agro’ and she simply removes herself from it.

Of late … her attitude has changed … she is less interested in other dogs or people. Unless ( of course there is a BUT) …. someone is willing to throw a ball for her .Having said that , once thrown , she brings it back to ME ! and if another dog beats her to it …. no retaliation .

She respects my authority and takes the discipline from her elderly Greyhound mate graciously, well actually she puts on an academy award performance .. she bit me , mum , she bit  me !!  ………again … Zizah never retaliates.

Casey , my greyhound , died 3 weeks ago .. Zizah has moved into the single child role effortlessly … no competition for my attention would be a pretty good guess and life is far more peaceful . Hate to admit that , as I miss Casey so very much .  ( a wonderful mother and disciplinarian to all , including four dobermanns in her life time )
Zizah is a gentle giant , strong , beautiful, tolerant , magnificent ! … she is everything and more that I dreamt of ever experiencing again .

She is now going through the challenging stage …. wish you could hear the grumbles , groans and arguments if I ask her to do something she don’t want to do .. very funny, She is also  a pest –  demanding , pushy, and in her estimation , the centre of my world … ( probably got that right ) She is never far from me, like that old saying – having a Dobermann means never having to go the toilet alone again…. Zizah is just that – a piece of velcro .                

Am I simply describing what every Dobermann should be? And what every breeder should be aiming for.

This is a breed popular enough to be poorly bred to a great degree and this is not an off the cuff remark , I know this to be true from bitter past experience.

Breeding from parents with known genetic faults , breeding for financial gain rather than the betterment of the breed , lies , deceit ……  All things you will never find in the Von Forell Establishment .

Having done the talk , travelled the miles with a friend ( Peter Bailey , looking for his new pup ( see his review ) and experiencing more to dislike than like … is very disappointing . I am so proud to have Zizah walk by my side  …. She is an amazing advocate for the Dobermann

What more can I say but thank you Kris and Tonia …

My Sincere Regards

Julia Dudgeon