Puppy Socialisation


Educating New Puppy Owners

This period in a puppies life is arguably the most critical. It has been proven without doubt that the first sixteen weeks of life establishes a lifelong response. 

Do you know exactly what you should and should not be doing during this critical period?

  • Did you know that everything you do with your puppy matters?
  • Did you know that all that is imprinted lasts for the rest of your dogs life?
  • Did you know that many of the problems your dog may end up with could have been prevented?

Science proves that these critical periods require a skilfully planned and systematic approach to help you and your puppy lead a joy full life.

Join us in a fun one day event and let us show you how to achieve your puppy’s full genetic potential !

  • Available to all new puppy owners no matter what breed.

All participants receive certification upon completion.

1 Day:     9am to 5pm