Protection Suit – Workshop


Aimed at scenario training for law Enforcement with a focus on absolute precision, tactical application and control over your K9 with minimal conflict. Together we explore the skills required in managing dogs at a level rarely seen possible.

This seminar is only available to Law Enforcement personal. Should you require consultancy or training at a venue to suit please register your interest and we would be more that happy to accomodate your individual requirements.

Protection Training – Victoria Law

Licensed Security guards registered under the Private Agents Act 1966 are the only persons eligible to have their dogs trained as Protection Dogs, or to be trained in Protection Training.  Proof of Security Licence must be shown to the training establishment prior to commencement of protection training. No member of the public may be trained in protection training unless the above pre – requisites are complied with and unless you have a Government exemption.

All participants will receive a certificate on completion.

1 Days:    9am to 5pm Days are allocated on request.