Phil Rose – testimonial

Phil Rose of Canine Services Australia

To Whom It May Concern,

I am often asked to recommend a reliable breeder from where people can purchase quality puppies. Therefore, it means I must have a responsible source of breeders, who breed various types of animals, whether it be for a pet or a serious working dog, whom I can confidently recommend for reliable and guaranteed stock. When searching for the best working bloodlines in the world, one must seriously consider Von Forell Australia. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Kris Kotsopoulos of Von Forell Kennels simply because of his knowledge, understanding the temperament of the best working lines available and for a complete before and after sales service one receives with Von Forell Australia. Therefore, it is for this very reason that I have had such a long standing association with this breeding kennel. Von Forell Australia, is recognised throughout the nation for its outstanding breeding program and diversity of working bloodlines available. Kris Kotsopoulos is one of a rare group of honest, hard working and extremely knowledgeable people, who is dedicated to producing exceptional working dogs. Throughout the country there are dogs from Von Forell performing a diverse range of duties. His track record for consistently breeding genetically superior animals for all applications (Schutzhund, Security, Law Enforcement etc.) speaks for itself.

However, not only is the knowledge he possesses regarding breeding unsurpassed, the international experience he also has on canine behaviour and training, lends itself quite appropriately to the sound breeding program developed at Von Forell. Being the high achiever that he is, Kris will not settle for a second rate animal. For this very reason, he has achieved a superior reputation and is widely respected throughout the breeding fraternity.

Therefore, regarding the issue of credible, competent and reliable breeders, I can confidently recommend Von Forell Australia to any individual or organisation, who is genuinely considering the purchase of quality working dogs.