Peter Bailey A Happy Owner Comments On His Von Forell Dobermann Puppy

Dear Kris & Tonia

I am writing to thank you both for producing a dog which is becoming everything I have wanted in a Dobermann – a companion, a protector, and a total joy to be with.

You may recall our many conversations from more than two years ago wherein I told you I have had GSD’s and Dobermann’s for many, many years, some were very good dogs but some were less than perfect.  

My last Dobermann was a son of the Dutch dog Graaf Quirinus van Neerlands Stam, out of the German bitch Lara v.h. Wantij., I called him “D”  He passed away in September 2011 aged 13.6 yrs.

My next dog had to be a dobermann which could be described simply as “correct to type” and have my concept of a strong but controllable, therefore perfect, temperament.

My quest to find a replacement for D (for when his time came) started early in 2011 and I was very impressed when you provided a girl puppy to a friend of mine who had absolutely no experience with ‘working blood lines’ and that puppy – Von Forell Kiki –now 15 months, is totally without a vice and magnificent both in body and mind.

Like all the Von Forell dogs I have seen, her temperament is ‘correct’.

For months I searched for knowledge from every dobermann breeder in Australia and overseas who would spare the time to talk to me, and discovered a huge difference of opinion between those who bred ‘Show Dogs’ and those who bred from ‘Working Bloodlines’.

I visited a number of breeders in Vic, NSW & Queensland, I looked at the many litters on offer and the puppies parents, and was shocked by the BS some breeders told me about the ‘quality’ of their progeny, or that the price of their puppies was justified because a puppy from a previous litter won a blue ribbon at a local Kennel & Poultry club show last year. Overall most of the puppies I saw lacked strength in their body structure, temperament and personality and I feel for the novice Dobe buyer who believe the ‘show’ hype and must be so disappointed when their puppy does not develop into the dog they expect or want.

After every turn I kept coming back to Von Forell, and after ‘D’ passed on in September I apologise for almost demanding you find me another dog………………..”A boy dog with impeccable bloodlines, by his breeding he was to have the ‘correct’ temperament and body structure, and be capable of becoming titled in SchH /IPO/Tracking/Utility or Agility – in fact to any level I wanted to take him too.”

I have developed the greatest respect for your knowledge of both the Dobermann and German Shepherd breeds and your almost unique ability to produce such high quality progeny, yet after months of frustration the new dog you got me is a GIRL !!
No – you may not have her back !

I have named her Jazz, she happily socialises with lots of other dogs of various breeds and sizes without incident, she is not intimidated by crowds of people, small children, really BIG dogs (horses), car sounds, people on bikes or skateboards, or anything else for that matter. IMHO her temperament is therefore ‘correct’.

I can also report she has strong pigment, her body structure is good for her age, very feminine, her front and rear angulations and pasterns are good as are her feet, chest and top-line and her dentition is perfect.

Thank you again, I am sure I will be happy to keep her by my side for the next 15 years or so.

Kindest Regards
Peter Bailey
A happy Von Forell Dog Owner