Paul Achten – testimonial

Paul Achten (Australian United Shutzhund Clubs Judge and Competitor)

Since the conception of Schutzhund in New Zealand in 1991, it is easy  now to  look back at those  people who have been influential  in its progress over the years. One of those people to visit our shores was  Kris Kotsopolous. Kris was invited to New Zealand   in the early nineties to help members of Dogsport New Zealand come to grips with a new and  fast evolving sport. I remember talking to Kris via phone and e-mail  with a large list of items  to cover for a proposed seminar that Kris was to run. To say the least we were not disappointed.

When you go to seminar, you won’t to come away with information, new ideas and the possibility of improved performance from your dog. To captivate an audience, show high motivation and be free with knowledge and acceptance of new ideas is a unique skill and in essence the foundation for a good seminar.  The combination of many years involvement with dogs, the ability to travel overseas and see first hand international trainers and competitors, select and breed with international bloodlines, enables one to address the many different parts of  our chosen sport.  I wish Kris success with his future plans.

Paul Achten