Olf zur Starken Eiche – Von Forell


Sam v.d. Wienerau, SchH 2, Kkk. 1, SZ: 1066647, VA

Ulbert v. Pilgersberg, SchH 3, Kkk. 1, SZ: 1115434, V

Bianka v. Antennenwald, SchH 1, Kkk. 1, SZ: 1011754, V 

Edo v.d. Sarazenern, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1166886, V

Chlodo v.d. Druckerei Brecht, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1

Cora v.d. Spedition Barth, SchH 1, Kkk. 1, SZ: 1080529, V

Burga v.d. Gutsschänke, SchH 2, SZ: 1026954    

Olf z. Starken-Eiche, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1a, SZ: 1357429, V, HD-normal

Valet v. Busecker Schloss, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, SZ: 944109, V

Pollux v. Busecker Schloss, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1,

Uri v. Busecker Schloss, SchH 1, Kkl. 1

Bianka Starken-Eiche, SchH 3, Kkl. 2, SZ: 1236948

Impuls v.h. Schütting, SchH 3, Kkl. 1

Anja v.d. Distelwiese, SchH 3, Kkl. 2, SZ: 1171753

Bella v. gelben Bach, SchH 1, SZ: 1023052  

Olf zum Starken-Eiche is the sire to Afra v. Stoppenberger Land, the famous foundation bitch for the Karthago Kennels. Our own stud Larry von Karthago’s dam is linebred 2 – 3 on this super producing bitch of working dogs. Afra also appears in the pedigrees of Axel v. Haus Larwin and Gina v. Wimbachtal.

Kör: Large, medium-strong long male with very good build and very good expression. High withers, very good outline, except for slightly steep upper arm; good angulation in fore and hindquarters, straight front, good croup position. Forechest must develop more, far-reaching, ground-covering, clear gait with firm back. Lively and sure temperament, courage and fighting drive pronounced.

Special: Sure temperament, hardnes, courage and fighting drive pronounced; release on command.

Siblings: Odin / Olaf / Oldo / Olk / Omar.

Linebreeding:  5 – 4……………Arno v. Haus Gersie