New Tracking Book Testimonial By Jess Holmes In Australia

“After passing my third tracking trial with my GSD (in which once again I struggled) I thought I had finally started to understand what to look for.

How wrong I was!

“How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” by Kris Kotsopoulos has shown me the light! Being a Novice tracker I relied solely on trusting my dog, after reading Kris’ book  I can now completely trust my dog AND myself when preparing for the track and while on it. Not only is it a great book to better help you understand how to train your dog for spot on tracking but an all round guide to training your dog in any area including obedience and agility! I look forward to training and trialing this year and will have Kris’ book by my side to be read over and over again!”

Jess Holmes – Australia