New K9 Dog Tracking Book Testimonial by “Thomas Lapp” From Germany A German and World IPO Champion

My name is Thomas Lapp and I live and train in Germany. I have been involved in Dog Sport for 35 years. I have participated 16 times at the BSP and 4 times for Germany at the WUSV. In 2007 I won the BSP and in 2007 and 08 and I won the WUSV with the German team. I have bred 60 German Shepherd litters under the Kennel Von Den Woelfen and I’m a judge for working dogs since 2002.

I have just read the new tracking book “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog” written by Kris Kotsopoulos from Australia and it was very interesting reading for me. I have picked up new ideas and I will include these ideas into my training. The book is for every tracking handler and a very good manual for tracking training.

Thomas Lapp – Germany