My German Shepherd From Von Forell Is Fearless, Confident And Has Drive By The Truck Load

I had the pleasure to first meet, Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos from Von Forell when my first working Shepherd died at 10 years old.

When I found out that Neville Williams retired from breeding working shepherds, I was referred to Von Forell as I was looking at getting another Shepherd to replace mine which had just passed on. I thought that I could never replace such a special dog, who I thought was it and a bit, I did obedience and protection work with him and he impressed me so much that when he passed, I was lost almost as if a piece of me died with him, which I’m sure most people would feel the same way about their family pet whom they loved so much.

Now this is where Kris and Tonia from Von Forell came to my rescue, I explained to Kris that I was looking at getting another Shepherd and if he could help me, his immediate reply was yes he could!, and to come to Von Forell and meet him personally, so we could discuss my requirements.

From the moment I met Kris he put me at ease, I said “mate I’m looking at getting a male puppy who’s got good drive” and he said “ his dogs have got plenty of drive and more!” so I asked Kris, if he could select a male puppy that would suit me and my families needs and I will trust him with whatever he decides is best.

His reply was “leave it with me, and I will contact you when the time comes for you to collect your new addtition. I left Von Forell excited as I found Kris to be a wealth of knowledge and the passion and desire they have for the pure true working shepherd is unbelievable, a credit to them and a huge asset for the working shepherd and Australia if not the world, I say this because it’s true!

I finally received the phone call from Kris, to say “mate your puppy is ready to be picked up”
and what a puppy his was and what a 20mth old dog he has turned into so far, he already at this age, eclipses my previous dog abilities which I thought could never happen.

Fearless, confident, drive by the truck full, assertive and so loyal and there is plenty more to come from this true working German shepherd. The confidence my family and I have with Zek to protect his home and territory makes us all sleep well at night. I would feel so sorry for the poor person who tries to do something silly to his family, property or even towards Zek himself.

Zek has blown me away with all the attributes that a true pure working Shepherd possess, and that can only comes down to the dedication that Kris and Tonia have put into the genetic and breeding of this great breed. I’m working with Zek every day and Kris has been there every step of the way, with his seminars that Zek and I are  undertaking and with the advice and guidance from Kris and Tonia, Zek and I are both going to grow into a perfect strong team!

I would strongly recommend Von Forell to anybody that wants to have the best working shepherds available, as I couldn’t be happier and be more impressed with Zek, and more importantly Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos from Von Forell for making my dreams a reality, as there is so much more to come from me as a handler, as to get the the very best out of him as these great Shepherds deserve that.

Clem Zimbardi