Melissa Mock – testimonial

Melissa Mock has a puppy sired by Von Forell Cliff

Von Forell Cliff daughter

For the past six years I have been involved in obedience trial ling and agility trialling German Shepherd Dogs, with excellent local success. Although the dog I was working with scored high points in trials, he still did not possess the drive I needed for a working dog in obedience trialing. Upon the death of my dog last year, I was determined to purchase a puppy from working lines, not show lines.

From the first point of contact I have had with Kris, I was thoroughly impressed with his facilities and the type of dogs he was using in his breeding program. What I found even more impressive was his dedication to providing me with all the information I could ever want in regards to the working lines and the working temperament of the East German lines. After spending time around breeders of show dogs, I could clearly distinguish the difference between Kris’ passion for improving the breed and the almost puppy mill fashion that some show breeders have adopted in hope of getting one good show dog.

My first visit to meet Kris and inspect Von Forell Kennels was one that would leave a firm imprint in my mind that this was where I will purchasea puppy from. I waited a further 7 months until a puppy came along, but I can definitely say that I would wait twice that long if I had to. The bond that I have created with the puppy is truly amazing. For quite a few months she would not pay a word of attention to my partner, which is exactly the type of attention I want in a working dog. At the age of ten weeks old, her prey drive was far superior to that ever displayed by my previous “show line” dog, and she has advanced in her training in leaps and bounds. I have used purely motivational techniques to date and at almost 6 months old today, she has never pulled on a lead, never been taught to stay ( she does it automatically), will hold and bark for any object presented to her, puts her head down on a track metres before she reaches it without being told to track and many other behaviours that still amaze me. At 6 months old , my puppy is very sharp and is not afraid to alert me to potential danger, whether it be at home or walking alone. This still impresses me as my 6 year old GSD only ever alerted me to the attention of cats and possums, never intruders or strangers at the door. I receive comments about my puppy all the time, on the impressive pigment and substance of bone that she possesses, very rarely seen nowadays in the GSD.

However, given the impressive drives these dogs possess, I would discourage people from buying one of these dogs if they were to sit in a backyard and not be trained. It would be an insult to Kris’ dedication for the breed and also a terrible waste of a dog, not to mention the inherent problems that may arise from a lack of socialisation of a puppy.

I would recommend Von Forell Kennels to anyone who wants a serious obedience dog. Kris’s “after sales” service is excellent. He is only too happy to answer any questions anybody may have about their puppy or dog and I believe his dedication to his work is also reflected in the guarantee he gives with each dog purchased from Von Forell. I am confident that anybody buying a puppy from Kris will be just as impressed as I have been with my dog and given the right training will consistently reach high scores in the obedience ring.

I wish Kris and Marianne the best with Von Forell Kennels and I thank Kris for all the support he has given me from day one, and I look forward to the relationship I will continue to have with Von Forell Kennels in the future.