Matthew Cooper From Tasmania Comments on Von Forell K9 Training Systems

I am sure we can all agree working dogs are those that have been selectively bred to assist us in the many diverse roles which we ask of them.  In appreciation I would like to humbly thank all breeders and trainers past and present for the wealth of genetic and intellectual material that will allow me to move forward into the future.  

During the Von Forell workshop I developed a deeper understanding of the working dog but compassion is the foremost view that I derived from my time at Von Forell.  Until now I believed the traditional view that a dogs abilities were a direct product of both it’s genetics and training. 

It is possible however for a new synergy to be achieved in a dogs performance using a system of Drive Fulfilment whereby the sum of genetics and training far exceed the outcomes previously thought possible.  

Sincere thanks to Kris and his team for opening my mind to these new methods and helping me on my way to becoming an extraordinary handler for extaordinary dogs.  From my new viewpoint I now take sole responsibility for the genetic potential of my dogs and will never again assign performance issues to any animal or it’s breeding.  

As the saying goes a good tradesman never blames his tools.  This for me will mean working closer with breeders, detailing specific outlines of my needs and providing constructive feedback to ensure that I do not place unreasonable demands upon my dogs genetic capabilities.  

I have learnt to set clear goals with staged development suitable of the individual nature of each animal that will provide absolute confidence moving forward into their working career.  Quantum leaps in my training are now at hand and I eagerly await a future were all working dog enthusiasts can pool together to evolve our methods for the complex demands of the 21st century.  

Many thanks to all at Von Forell for your vision and compassion within the working dog community.  

In earnest Matt Cooper. Tasmania Australia