Les Simpson Comments on Von Forell K9 Training Systems

Hi Kris,

As you are aware I have been wanting to attend your workshop for four years. After gathering as much information I could from your website (and anything else related on the web) I decided to contact you and discuss your methods of training.

Our first communication was through e-mail. I was impressed with your honest passion for breeding, training and passing on your knowledge of German Shepherds and your beloved Doberman. Since this first contact we have had many interesting discussions via e-mail and telephone.

Due to obstacles in life we all experience, I found I had to wait four years before being able to attend your workshop. After I booked and pulled out of the last workshop due to illness in the family, your understanding of my situation and ability to relate was not only greatly appreciated, but further proved to me that you were a real person.

At last, I arrived in Melbourne on a cold, rainy and foggy day. Driving up to your kennels the weather just got worse. As I arrived early, the day before the workshop I gave you a call and you most kindly said. “drop in for a coffee and a chat about the dogs.  No need to ask twice; I was there in a flash. Meeting you in person only confirmed your passion for your dogs. Your honesty and trust to openly discuss your lines, breeding and training techniques.

The weekend was an eye opener and more informative than I ever dreamed. Through your passion, knowledge and skill I have been motivated to continue my efforts to learn more and improve my skills.

As I found when I was reading your book, “How to achieve Precision Tracking with your Dog”.  Your system of training dogs does not just suit high performance Sport Dogs and Security “Protection Training” but can benefit anyone trying to train their dog or dog trainers training dog owners.  This is evident by the people that attended your work shop. Breeders, conformation specialists, competitors, Schutzhund/IPO and pet owners. This workshop is beneficial to ALL forms of dog training at all levels.

We as dog owners, trainers and breeders need to communicate and work together on a National basis to improve our skills, knowledge and educate the general public on responsible dog ownership. Most of all, we need to keep our working dogs strong and enjoying what they do best. Your National K9 get together is highly anticipated by many and I know I will be there.

I strongly recommend Von Forell Kennels for all your canine needs. If you are looking for a quality well-bred dog, training, quality equipment, written material or just good advice on working dogs, look no further as I highly recommend Von Forell Australia.

Thank you Kris,

Les Simpson
Sydney – Australia