Kuran van Tiekerhook – Von Forell


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Kuran van Tiekerhook was imported by us in 1996 from Mr. Koos Hassing of Tiekerhook kennels in the Netherlands. Koos is well known for being very selective in his breeding, consequently Kuran is a descendant of some of the greatest working shepherds in history: e.g. Asko v. Joufne Keyleff, Uwe v. Kirschental, Ester v. Körbelbach, Ari v. Neffeltal, Falko v. Haus Sindern, Greif z. Lahntal & Bernd v. Lierberg.

Kuran displayed high drive, hardness, strong nerve, coupled with a confident social nature. He passed these qualities to his progeny and onto subsequent generations. His descendents can be found on schutzhund fields around Australia and New Zealand, deployed as Military K-9’s in the Australian Defence Forces, and as reliable family protectors in many households.

Linebreeding:  4 – 5……………Racker v. Itztal