K9 Handlers


“Quality K9’s, Decoys and Handlers Are Rare!…

So let’s develop Australia’s very own”

That is what we stand for!

Dear K9 Handlers,

In an effort to establish National unity Von Forell has dedicated this section exclusively to Police, Military and Law Enforcement agencies. We have taken an ambitious effort to unify our Nations K9 Trainers and Handlers. All Police, Military and Law Enforcement K9 personal are welcome and International officers are offered the same opportunities, however we understand that distances would severely hamper their ability to attend our training and breeding workshops. Nevertheless we stand true to our cause one that we have contemplated for many years and are now committed to achieving as part of our Global K9 mission.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of training possible.  We strive to produce seminars and workshops that limit down time and provide learning at a World Class standard.  We aim to present the latest modern advances in animal learning allowing for more efficient delivery of K-9 applications. Here at Von Forell we are open minded and understand there are many different philosophies in training working dogs.  It is our belief that each attendee that participates in our programs will leave with a better understanding of what it takes to become part of an extraordinary K-9 team.

Our commitment is to;

  • Offer Comprehensive Training for all K9 Teams
  • Solution based training systems for practical requirements
  • Skill development for decoys and handlers so they can achieve their optimal output
  • Develop best practices in breeding and selection of K9s for service dog requirements assisting in developing your departments breeding directive
  • Assist in maintenance training on a national capacity
  • Assist in problem solving and developing strategies for successful outcomes.
  • Producing dogs and bloodlines with gene diversity to limit in-breeding decline.
  • Providing training products sourced from some of the finest global manufacturers.
  • Consultancy at every level of K9 deployment.
  • On site tuition and training with K9 teams anywhere in the World. (Advanced bookings are required)

Being instrumental in the inception of the National Dog Trainers Federation, Von Forell has taken it to the next level offering a brand new purpose built training and education centre that allows us to focus on the delivery of a detailed and in depth learning program in animal behaviour to develop extraordinary performance from all K9 Teams.

Von Forell K9 Education, is an International training and development company, offering Workshops and Seminars that are innovative and delivering effective training programs for creating extraordinary dogs and extraordinary handlers. Our “Clear Communication Workshop” the foundation of many is specifically designed to bring about positive and permanent shifts in the quality of your training. It is designed for you to view the training of animals with complete new possibilities.

Von Forell Seminars / Workshops

Is a Transformative and Informative Learning Model.

The program is grounded in a transformative learning model rather than an informative learning model. Informative or additive learning increases what one knows, adds to one’s skills, extends already established capacities by bringing new knowledge to an existing worldview and frames of reference. Transformative learning, by comparison, gives people an awareness of the basic structures in which one knows, thinks, and acts in the world. From that awareness comes a fundamental shift that leaves people more fully in accord with their own possibilities. While most people are familiar with methods for producing outstanding results, they recognise certain realistic limits to what seems possible.

Von Forell K9 Education

Offers Instinctive Dog Training Solutions 

  • Experience a positive, permanent shift in the quality of training you deliver.
  • Redefine the very nature of what is possible in training dogs.
  • Create a future of your own design in the dog world.

What’s in it for you


  • In our research, 97 percent of people surveyed said ‘Von Forell K9 Education made a profound, lasting difference in the way they trained their dogs’.
  • Von Forell K9 Education is specifically designed to bring about positive and permanent shifts in the quality of your dog training.
  • The freedom to be absolutely at ease no matter where you are, who you’re with, or what the circumstance – the power to be in action effectively.
  • Participants overwhelmingly report that their participation in Von Forell K9 Educational Systems yields not mere insights or improvements, but provides lasting results that expand and unfold over time.

Seminars and Workshops available

Von Forell offers to get together Australia’s dedicated dog trainers and breeders who are involved in the development of Police, Military or Law Enforcement dogs Nationally for a training weekend in the pursuit of canine training excellence and the exchange of innovative ideas.

We acknowledge that our country has skilled animal trainers and we know that these individuals can make a tremendous difference given the opportunity. Our gathering is seen not only as a seminar or workshop but more so an involvement in our passion of training dogs and general K9 discussions.

Below are Seminars and workshops offered please circulate this information amongst all fellow K9 enthusiasts.

An opportunity to Voice Your View

Part of the National directive is to provide an opportunity to voice your view on any ideas that you have and would like to share with the National Canine Community. Von Forell believes that by sharing ideas, beliefs and experiences in an open friendly learning environment we will overcome some (or many) of the communication barriers that currently exist. Through this we will be instrumental in recognising and learning from each other’s ability, as well as encouraging up and coming youth to participate and advance on the breeding and training of working dogs in this country.

Von Forell has grown to represent many further aspects of the canine world above and beyond the realms of breeding working dogs.  Although our focus is on breeding healthy driven dogs, Von Forell is now delivering the complete package for all working dog requirements and defensive tactics training.

Seminars and Workshops.

  • Problem Solving in any situation – What ever they may be
  • Protection Suit – A complete guide and philosophy on how to
  • Detection Narcotics / Explosive – Utilising multiple training systems
  • Puppy Socialisation for perfect development – From a puppy to an operational animal
  • Puppy Development / Socialisation – Workshops for Breeders: Day 1 to Week 7
  • Clear Communication handler to K9 – How to ensure you deliver what you mean
  • Clicker Training, shaping behaviour clearly – From obedience to protection training
  • Remote Trainer – Split timing precision management
  • Obedience – Practical control every time all the time
  • Precision Tracking – Developed by Kris Kotsopoulos – NEW TRACKING BOOK
  • Police K9 Tracking – Tracking for apprehension
  • Decoy, Helper, Protection Dog – An in-depth investigation
  • Police K9 Tactical Training – Joint training with K9 departments utilising their unique deployment & training systems
  • Defensive Tactics TrainingTraining Coordinator


The K9 Law Enforcement Training / Tactics Landscape

Training Priorities

We Specialise in Training – Master Trainers

Tailored Defensive Tactics Training and Package Design

We shall be posting photos and videos of our worshops. In the mean time please feel free to make any suggestions of what you would like to see in this private section for the benefit of all.

We value your input please go to our K9 Officer Feedback Form and submit your ideas.