juegen von hagenstern

Jürgen von Hagenstern
                              Bordo v. Furstenfeld, Bdsgr      (07-12-1956)

                   Vello v. Fürstenfeld, SchH 3 36 times, Angek., HD-1      (20-04-1966)
                              Citta v. Furstenfeld, Bdsgr, IDC-Sgr      (21-12-1958)
          Bonni v. Forell, SchH 1, Int. + Ger. Ch., Bdsgr, DV-Sgr, brown, HD-1      (05-04-1968)
                              Bingo v. Dornberg, SchH 3, brown      (24-05-1953)
                   Kira v. Romberg      (12-05-1963)

                               Ilka v. Romberg      (20-10-1959)

Jürgen v. Hagenstern, SchH 1, Int + Ger + Ned + Lux Ch, DV-Sgr      (08-05-1971) (Germany)

                              Arco of Fayette Corner, SchH 3, Int. Ch., IDC-Sgr, Bdsgr      (11-05-1960)

                   Rondo v. Forell, Bdsgr      (26-01-1965)
                              Cita Germania, Bdsgn, brown      (28-02-1962)
          Donna v. Eichenhain, SchH 1, Int. + Ger. Ch., DV-Sgn, Bdsgn      (13-04-1967)
                              Bingo v. Dornberg, SchH 3, brown      (24-05-1953)
                   Hella v. Forell      (25-02-1961)

                               Vilja Germania      (17-05-1959)

This black male was imported into Holland from Germany and became a German, Dutch, Luxemburg and international champion. He was also the Winner at Amsterdam in 1972 and 1973 and gained the DV-sieger title.

Jürgen was a leading stud dog in Holland where he produced excellent progeny of consistent type. He was only 68 cm tall but well built and had plenty of substance. He was said to have a soft temperament but nevertheless passed his Schutzhund 1.

[J.M.v.d. Zwann: In the beginning…A history of the Dobermann]

Sibling: Jago.

Linebreeding: 3 – 3……………… Bingo v. Dornberg
  4 – 4……………… Tell v.d. Priorei
  4 – 4……………… Goldine v. Sandfontaine