John McIntosh

Your Von Forell Training Obedience Seminar entitled, “How to Achieve a Dynamic, Focused and Harmonious Obedience Performance”, held on July 13 and 14, 2013, has provided me with another increase in my knowledge, comprehension and skills in training “high prey drive dogs” .

As always, your presentation was, apart from being highly informative, entertaining and with plenty of outside working sessions to provide a working appreciation of what we were learning.

Kris, as you know, I have attended the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia (“NDTF”) course, and am presently undertaking the “Aspiring Instructors Course” with German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria (GSDCV), as part of my planned growth in canine obedience training and bavioural management. Your presentation provided a significant improvement in my understanding of the psychology of canine learning, though clearly, I will need to constantly review your materials to ensure that I maximise my comprehension of what you have taught us.

I was very impressed with the timely and sensitive use of Clickers and Remote Training Collars to enhance a dog’s engagement and response with the handler in the Command Training process. One of the highlights for me, was use of the “Training Box”, right from puppy stage to sub-adult and to adult, for an array of commands to strengthen and shape a dog’s understanding of what is required from its’ Handler. Plus, there was lots more that I will re-read to strengthen my comprehension.

With all of the above said, particularly as this is my third Seminar with Von Forell, with more to come, I’m sure, I can’t help but observe that your own global research, knowledge and information gathering and experience capturing, has enabled you to structure your presentations logically so as to facilitate the common sense style of what you are conveying to your Seminar participants.

Again Kris, well done and I’m looking forward to working with you more in Seminars and other training forms to maximise my appreciation of the canine relationship with us imperfect humans.

Kindest regards

John V. McIntosh