John Mcintosh Comments On Remote Collar Training Seminar

Hi Kris and Tonia,

I’m so glad I undertook your week-end Seminar/Workshop (June 23 and 24, 2012) on Remote Collar Training (RTs’), as it gave me a new understanding of training philosophies, tools and techniques that I hadn’t comprehended through the Nationally Accredited Dog Training course that I’m presently undertaking during 2012.

Through my interaction with other Students and Instructors, I have heard several good reports about RTs’ and their application in dog training. However, I have likewise heard what has proved to be ignorance based negative comments about the use of RTs’ and the “shock inflicted on dogs”.  

Your seminar has provided a solid and informative learning structure dispelling the negative comments with first hand demonstration on how the RT is utilised in an effective (and painless) training regime.  I was indeed prudent for me to become far more familiar with RT and how to apply its’ use to generate more accurate and rapid responses to commands.

Therefore, I too gladly add my commendation to Kris Kotsopoulos’s week-end Remote Training Collar Seminar and Workshop. It was extremely well presented and illustrated by working line dogs, supported by the other participants who were able to offer their own dog training experience  and expertise.

Again, Kris and Tonia, well done, a great week-end and I’m looking forward to further seminars and workshops.

Kindest Regards

John V. McIntosh
Information and Communication Technologies Manager
European Travel Experts Pty. Ltd.

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