Jodi Miller’s testimonial for Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos – Von Forell Kennels Australia

The Von Forell team are exceptional in providing a genuine service full of in depth knowledge, passion and incredible quality.

I have had many great dealings with both Kris and Tonia from Von Forell for over 2 years now. From selecting my own two beautiful dogs, a Shepherd and a Doberman from their breeding program, to attending seminars held by Kris, training my dogs at the Von Forell Training Facility and purchasing my equipment for my training needs.

Kris’ passion, knowledge and experience has not only helped improve my own training techniques but has also taught me a lot about myself. I have become a better trainer, handler and person for knowing him. His seminars are very informative, well presented, hands on and trust me when I say very entertaining!

He believes in what he teaches and leaves his ego at the door which can be very hard to find in this industry.

In my opinion his main objective is the safety and well being of the dogs followed by educating and helping out handlers / trainers of any skill and age range, to better their methods and help work towards their goals, whatever they may be.

Due to working with my dogs (security) every day I need to have strong, sturdy and reliable equipment. After using many products from many different companies and not being satisfied, I was very relieved and excited to find the products available from Von Forell to be exactly what I was after. I am yet to snap a lead, collar or harness in two years which is a first!

I would highly recommend Von Forell to any person either already in the dog world, or wanting to start out. They have integrity, intelligence and best of all a friendly atmosphere.

Thanks guys for the last 2 years, It’s been a blast !

Warmest Regards,

Jodi Miller.
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