Jason Allen – testimonial

Jason Allen (Tasmania) on his Dobe pup out of Dax & Ursula

Hi Kris,

Just wanted to let you know how the pup is going. I have called him Zak. He is eating everything I put in front of him and is in very good condition. He is already showing very good aggression and will bite with meaning when he is roughed up. I have been socializing him fairly intensively and he has already experienced whip cracking, cars, livestock, water, the beach, chainsaws and gunfire etc. and nothing seems to worry him at all.

I have recently sold the other Doberman bitch that I had, as after seeing Zak I realised that there was no comparison and that I was wasting my time with her, so now I will concentrate on Zak. I would like to convey to you just how impressed I am by this pup, he is already showing me everything I was looking for in a dog. Thanks.

Best regards, Jason