James Craig police officer in the Public Order Response Team – Testimonial for Von Forell Kennels

My name is James Craig and I am a police officer currently working within the Public Order Response Team.

I first discovered Von Forell Kennel whilst investigating working line German Shepherds for the Police Department with a vision of expanding the current Police Dog Unit.

I contacted the Von Forell Kennel and Kris Kotsopoulos in early 2009 and I found him to be a wealth of information on working line German Shepherds which included handling, attitude, dog temperament, environment and genetics just to name a few.

After much discussion I visited the Von Forell Kennel facilities in Melbourne, Victoria in June 2009 myself and witnessed Kris Kotsopoulos working a wide and varied range of working dogs at different stages of there development. Whilst at the facility I was pleased to experience an extremely high level of professionalism from both Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos and the facility to be first class.

Since this initial contact and meeting I have kept regular contact with both Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos via telephone and email. Kris is always happy to answer any questions and enquiries that I may have in relation to my project and offer me sound advice in relation to working line German Shepherds.

In September 2009 I was given the opportunity by Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos to handle and work Von Forell Silo prior to him joining the South Australia Special Operations Group in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

I worked Von Forell Silo for approximately two months and found him to be an absolute credit to Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos and the Von Forell Kennel breeding/training program they have implemented. Von Forell Silo was worked at the Police Academy on a regular basis and was found to adapt quickly to any given scenario and respond to me as a handler extremely well.

I keep regular contact with Kris and Tonia Kotsopoulos at Von Forell Kennel and have no hesitation in recommending the Von Forell Kennel. Kris and Tonia’s passion for working dogs along with there professionalism and knowledge is outstanding and I look forward to a long and ongoing relationship with Von Forell Kennel in the future.

Constable 2705
Public Order Response Team