Iwo von der Buschecke – Von Forell


Cliff v. Bleichfleck, DDR SchH 3, FH, PSH 3, Kkl.1, Kör 6546/44 V,

Hacky v. Echoberg, DDR 84918, SchH I, ZTP 5546/44, V

Eddi v. Echoberg, DDR 70295, ZTP 5543/22, SG

Nils v. Stephanstal, DDR 110137, SchH I, Kör 5547/43, V 

Dolf v. Hechtbrunnen, DDR 57122, SchH 2, Kör 5546/44

Gabi v. Stephanstal, DDR 91248, FH, V

Conny v. Stephanstal, DDR 76584, SchH 1, ZTP 5446/34  

Iwo v.d. Buschecke, DDR 130296, SchH 3, ZVV 1, FH 2, Kkl. 1, Kör 5546/54 V HD-zuerkannt  (28-11-1982)

Don v. Haus Himpel, DDR 57979, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, Kör 5545/55

Iwo v.d. Leinequelle, DDR 76771, SchH 2, Kör 6646/44, V

Blanka v. Borntal, DDR 60666, HGH

Cessy v.d. Buschecke, DDR 99831, SchH I, ZTP 5446/34, SG 

Ohle v. Rundeck, DDR 57963, SchH 2

Evi v. Wiener-Hof, DDR 71456, SchH I

Biene v. Wiener-Hof, DDR 55616, SchH I, PSH 2

Iwo von der Buschecke is the legendary DDR stud dog who was exported to the Czech Republic where he sired many outstanding Border Patrol Dogs such as Kaso z. Pohranicni stráze, Donar z. Pohranicni stráze.

Iwo is also the litter brother to Ingo v.d. Buschecke, who in turn is the maternal grandsire of the 100% DDR male Glenlofty Trafalga. Glenlofty Trafalga was a Service Working dog at the Ararat Prison and Neville Williams from Von Kaisarhof Kennels had the pleasure in working this dog and was extremely impressed with him that he collected semen. Neville has been kind enough to provide Von Forell Kennels with his frozen semen and we anticipate that he will combine very well with the bitches in our breeding program.

Iwo’s Kör rating classifies him as a medium-sized, could be of slightly fuller substance with good angulation. He had a relaxed friendly temperament but was hard when provoked with very good sharpness, and good hardness and courage.

Siblings: Immo / Ingo / Inka / Iran / Jokes.

Linebreeding:  4 – 3………………..”B” Litter v. Wiener-Hof
4 – 4…………………Gomo v. Osterberg
4 – 5…………………Xito v. Baruther Land
4, 5 – 5, 5, 5………Ex v. Riedstern
5 – 5………………..”E” Litter aus dem Bibertal