Ivan Kezurer Comments on Remote Collar Workshop

On the weekend of the 23rd to the 24th of June I attended a workshop on remote trainers hosted by Kris Kotsopoulos of Von Forell Kennels.

Kris is well known for his knowledge and experience in the world of dogs, I must be honest when I say that I was not sure what to expect.

On arriving I found Kris and Tonia to be extremely accommodating,helpful and friendly. The facilities were first class. Brand new with up to date technology. This is not just a dog training facility for working your dogs but its also an amazing place to learn via the modern screen, notes and easy going atmosphere.

The said seminar on remote trainers was both stimulating and interesting at the same time.

I have been involved with dogs and dog training for many years, I must admit that I believe that I learnt more on this weekend than in my previous 15 years of working with dogs.

The presentation was excellent as well as the constant supply of coffee, tea, food and snacks! Speaking of the presentation, I found it quite refreshing to have `live` demonstrations of what we were learning. Its always easy to talk, but when you are shown practically the why`s and how`s of applying those theories, that to me is how you put a top class seminar together.

The question and answer sessions were also stimulating as there were so many points to put forward. Sometimes we strayed off topic slightly but this was all to good effect as using a remote trainer affects all areas of training.

My only gripe is that I live so far away!!! I would just like to say thanks a ton Kris and Tonia, it was a fantastic weekend.

Yours sincerely
Ivan Kezurer
Perth Australia